1. To fight
2. Steal
3. A way of tellin ya weight
4. Dollar
'You buckin on us we leavin you in plastic' 'I weigh a buck 3 (meaning 103lbs.)'
by Shae September 01, 2004
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buck is also used when a person refuses to go along with something or follow a certain rule.
Dino:whatchu doin here dog? i thought u had to see yo P.O. today?
Smurff:I did but i bucked on that shit!
by Smurff September 23, 2003
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A male from Southern Rhode Island, of Irish heritage, usually driving vehicles of questionable reliability. Can be approached, as long as person approaching is offering sandwiches or beer. Most commonly overheard saying "Hey, hows it going" or " Make me a couple sandwiches", major weakness; internet porn
I gonna bring the doom with the buck
by Big Bad Bricky September 23, 2006
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To refuse or object to doing something because you don't like it.
Boy, She was all like 'You besta pick up that cat crap!' And I was all like man I buck and walked off.
by Monit3r April 08, 2005
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The act of playing Halo, Halo2, or Halo3
sup, you tryna buck?,

wuts goodie? shit just buckin
by Elias Sanchez January 30, 2008
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Equivilent to 100 dollar,

I spend a Buck Fifty on those sneakers. means i spend 150 dollars.
by Gabriel Rod January 04, 2006
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The name of you're creepy next door nieghboor, most likely a child pedofile and rapist. Has long greasy hair, rarely showers or shaves, and has a tendancy to stare at young children for long periods of time, can offten be found in the McDonalds play pen area.
When I was young, Buck my neighboor tried to shove a toothbrush up my ass!
by ziggy_kid23 December 27, 2008
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