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(adj.) - having handed over one's cash, usually at gunpoint.
(v.) - to get buck naked
(Gangster puts glock up to other gangster's head) Gangster - Bitch, you better get buck naked.
Gangster 2 - (hands over his green)
by D Svizzle January 21, 2005
39 144
Completely nude. (See also butt naked)
The man was running down the street buck naked!
by Mels Fondu June 24, 2005
386 187
To be emotionally connected to another. to strip down to the heart of love
I only get bucknaked at home.
by carmenqnn March 30, 2010
6 4
what a man might call himself under the following conditions; a) he is trying to convince his mother that he isn't gay, but is a porno actor under that name, b) he is trying to convince his girlfriend that he is gay, so they can break up (only she doesn't believe him, hence he tries to turn her off by telling her that he is a porno actor under that name)
Buck Naked!
by Jason June 30, 2004
96 148
surprisingly great; really freakin' sweet

For some reason my friend and I use this in place of cool, awesome, or sweet.
"Dude, where having pork roast this evening."
"Buck naked!"
by z4ck4ll3n July 10, 2008
28 133
When the nipples become hard and you can see them through the shirt.
Man Bry, she looked good buck naked tonight.
by Jover June 19, 2007
23 132