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Bucho was originally a general insult for someone acting like a jerk or idiot, but has become a catch-all term used to indicate cameraderie (see man, dude, buddy, homey). Generally directed toward a masculine person or thing, and may also be construed as "big man" (such as the villain from Desperado).

"Bucho" is apparently used in both Portuguese and Spanish to mean "pig fat," and is a cooking term not unlike "lard," which would make sense for the big man definition of the word, as in Desperado and "Fat Bucho," the large, bald, black 3rd level boss in the original Nintendo game Kung Fu.
What's up, bucho?

Sorry about that, bucho. I didn't mean to upset you.
by Talmanes January 06, 2005
bucho is japanese for big boss. It can also be used in the context of departmental head of an office. In video game culture it is often used for the end-level boss who must be beaten to advance to the next stage
Be on your best behaviour this week, bucho is in town and they are making staff redundant.
by mousecheese July 25, 2009
1. asshole, jerky, fuckface, son of a bitch, jerkass, biatch and/or prick

2. Villain from the movie "Desperado" starring Antonio Banderas.
You just spilled my beer, bucho.
by Doze July 01, 2004
This is the real definition of bucho. A real fucking asshole, jerky, fuckface, son of a bitch, jerkass, biatch and/or prick. Usually used when talking to a friend or amongst friends.
Don't fuck around bucho. You're such a bucho for being you.
by Deez June 04, 2004
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