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a german expreesion for a retard which can be used in a variety of ways.
1. a drunk retard fraternity nazi
2. an exepionally windy shit after severe binge
3. instead of working going out drinking
4. beeing fucked in the arse by a fratenity member in order to get attention
5 making a video of yourself shoving a beerbottle up your arse and repeatedly yelling "mehhähähä mehähähäh"
1. Damn those bucheggers! they're having a gay gangbang again
2. ohh my freaking god I have to go shower. Damn Wodka gave me the bucheggers
3. fuck you guys!! I'm Buchegger!
4. hello I'm a tool... d'you wanna be my friend and go buchegger?
5. mehhähähä mehähähä!
by Erik van de Wang May 20, 2008

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