A bubbler is a common term used mainly in the Midwest region of the United States, referring to drinking fountains.
I believe that the slang became popular due to the creation of a drinking fountain that bubbled water out in a different manner than a traditional drinking fountain, although I do not know exactly which way this was.
It may be nothing, but the name Ford comes into my mind when I say this.

Wisconsin citizens' use of this word, and other abnormal slangs led to a study into how Wisconsinites speak in 2005 or 06.
Student- "Can I go get a drink from the bubbler?"
StudentTeacherFromOutOfState- "What? You don't drink bubbles..."
Student- "No, I mean the drinking fountain!"
by AliGee June 10, 2007
A mother fuckin drinkin fountain
Can i have a pass to use the bubbler?
by Kim and Kathy June 27, 2003
(n.) What "small town people" say instead of "Water Fountain/Drinking Fountain".
Student: "May I get a drink at the bubbler?"

Teacher: "Yes you may."
by Tyler R. B. April 16, 2008
A fart that is expulsed on a leather or vinyl seat, so as to make a kind of bubbling sound as it comes out of the rectum
Man, Dad let out another green couch bubbler today.
by J B McDuffie May 16, 2007
A shart or a shit and a fart combined. Usually happens as a surprise when you thought it was a fart, but a nasty molten mass seeps out.
Friend #1: Holy cow, I gotta fart!
Friend #2: Dude, your fuckin nasty. That sounded pretty wet.
Friend#1: Damn, it was a bubbler!
Friend #2: Need a wet-knap?
by Frainslug February 16, 2006
Also Ushed in Australia, used with appropriate accent.
-Where are you going Mate?
-Taking a trip to the bubbler.
by HumCALish March 08, 2005
A Lap Dance with a Fat Chick.
Roseann Barr gave John Goodman a bubbler between sets to get him up for the part.

The gentleman's club offered complimentary bubblers to their patrons as an enticement to come in.
by JR Quixote July 04, 2006
Gettin rammed in the ass after taking laxatives.
"Yo Jenny's freak nasty! She drank this bottle of Ex-lax and told me to give her a bubbler!"
by Poppasquat November 06, 2005

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