When a man makes a women chew a piece of bubble gum and then stretches it out on the head of his penis. Then he cums into the gum creating a cum bubble.
"WOW, thats the biggest bubble cum I've ever seen."
by James MIlano February 23, 2008
Top Definition
When you bust in a girls mouth and she blows bubbles with it.
Hell I knew she was a freak but I wasn't expecting bubble cum!.
by KingKoopa172 September 13, 2006
A load of cum in ones mouth either so large or so delicious they literally start chewing before they swallow it.
Waylon was so overwhelmed from the rhinoceros sized load in his mouth he chewed that shit into bubblecum.
by Mad Mick! May 30, 2016
Originating in the porn industry and now rather common this is when during a blow-job the cum is sprayed into the receiver's mouth. Who then holds the cum in their mouth until directed to swallow or show the shooter.

The receiver opens wide to show the white substance and proceeds to roll it around with their tongue. They mix it with their spit making a foamy combination and using their lips open and close their mouth forming cum bubbles. Drooling is a plus. They may swallow or spit out the cum when done; or pass it to a friend which is snowballing
..his hot seed filled her mouth with a satisfied grunt.. but he was far from done. "Let me see that bubblecum.." he says. She smirks and opens wide. White cum coats her pink tongue, she teases him rolling it from side to side mixing it with her spit and pursing her lips around the glob she opens slowly. Foamy white bubbles form in the opening...
by CrisNoWait September 15, 2010
When a girl swallows cum while chewing gum, and continues to chew it after
Mannn dicky swallowed while chewing gum and she didn't spit it out til the morning. Talk about bubble cum
by dicky1969 November 29, 2014
1. Cum that bubbles up
2. A sticky white mass shot from a mans shlong, dried, sugared, and packaged to sell.

I was strokin' in the tub the other night and I bubbledcummed in the water.

Let's go to the store, and buy some of the new Crab flavored bubblecum!
by TheManNowDog33 March 15, 2009
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