The Last enemy in the DragonBall Z anime known as the BU saga.
boo for you
by Steven Cardoso January 07, 2004
Butt Urine. When you have diarehha so bad it's just liquid.
Guy 1 - "Oh man I had suicide wings at the Broken Thumb last night, and I have the worst case of BU."
Guy 2 - "I am not going to feel bad for you, those wings are worth it."
Guy 1 "God fuck it all!"
by Gern Blanstein January 22, 2007
used between lovers
lets get low bu
by fuck me February 23, 2004
1. Appreviated form of the surname Butler, adapted to include umlauts to aid pronunciation in written text, appeared in England, circa 2002.
2. An 1337 person.
Bü is 1337
by Sam January 02, 2004
A typographical error or sacrifice when typing the name without umlauts, or when the "ü" character cannot be displayed in the desired situation.
Dear Bu, I do not have a keyboard with umlauts - sorry.
by Sam January 02, 2004
in a state of total intoxication, a stupor. two possible etymologies include a shortening of the term "booted" or a simple, primitive sound that is often made by those who are too intoxicated to speak regular english.
"yo man, i'm shit BU right now!"
by ryanw March 18, 2006
Either I don't know or I don't want to answer your fucking question.
"Nephew, tell me about your girlfriend."

by Screech January 31, 2004
Another way of typing "boo"
Boo/Bu - they mean the same thing!
by Sabian June 03, 2004

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