BSA = burning swamp ass - a condition common in Kansas City, Missouri, whereby a person drinks copious amounts of Boulevard beer (which has an unknown secret ass-leak ingredient) and eats fiery hot wings from The Peanut. The next day after taking a healthy dump, burning swamp ass ensues and said person has to wipe their fiery hole on 15 minutes intervals for 2 hours after.
The beer and wings were great, Rob, but I've got BSA so bad it's making me sweat and tremble. Can you smell it, or should I show you the tracks on my skivvies.
by Ramrod 69 March 18, 2006
Top Definition
Boy Scouts Of America The only real Definition for thos three letters. Take note Business Software Alliance.
I a DE and I work for the BSA.
by Blackdog45 June 11, 2005
British Small Arms,
discontinued motorcycle manufacturer of western Europe in 50's and 60's
My BSA ran over your Indian
by Poster Nutbag June 23, 2003
beat some ass; said when necessary
Girl 1: Hey she said you suck too much dick, and you should lose some weight.
Girl 2: Legit? Oh, hell no. Hold my earrings, you know I'm bouta bsa.
Girl 1: You go girl.
by batmannnnnnnnnn March 02, 2011
An abreviation of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Yo Amo BsAs
I love BsAs
by Lalalala000 February 10, 2009
Balls Slapping Ass....what else could it be?
I love BSA in the morning! Or afternoon....whenever!
by skeeebs April 05, 2015
B.lunt S.ide A.ssistance

this refers to when you have rolled the inner leaf of a blunt and require another individual to put pressure on the end of the outer leaf for more accurate tightness control.
i.e. "Can i get some B.S.A.? this L is fat as fuck!"
by Blunt Masta Flex August 30, 2010
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