A badass rugged mother fucker who gets ALL them bitches. Usually drives badass 4x4s. Bryant is someone who believes any problem can be fixed by smoking marijuana, and any activity is more enjoyable whilst stoned. He is someone who's better than Matt. He loves to game and often is super polite to everyone. He is honest and kind and cute, though his jokes aren't always witty. A Bryant is more of a habitual cannabis smoker than your average stoner. Often consider by other to be a pothead, he cares very little about the outside world. Bryants tend to gather in groups, although they can be quite content when left on their own, as most Bryants enjoy one on one time with their ganj. They smoke when they wake up, before work, during work, if possible, and as soon as they get home. They never run out of weed because they are always planning ahead. Bryant knows how to compose a hell of a song. Urban slang for a pimp, or ladies man. Owner of a large penis. Known for drinking abilities and smoking trends. a Bryant will attempt to lure you into his really stereotypical and totally unoriginal trap.
Matt: "Hey man, wanna hang out?"

Bryant: "Yeah sure, you wanna smoke a bowl?"

Matt: "I dunno man, my throat's been kinda sore lately."

Bryant: "Oh that's ok, a bowl will fix that."

Matt: "Really? Well I've got this Government test tomorrow too, so I probably shouldn't smoke."

Bryant: "Pot makes studying easier. You'll enjoy the subject more!"

Matt: "You're full of shit. Next you'll tell me weed can fix my chronic back pain and I should get high before visiting my grandma in the nursing home."

Bryant: "I'm glad you understand now. Got a lighter?"
Girl:"My ex made me feel lesbian."

Bryant:"Hahahaha. Well your beautiful."
by Matt_the_loser November 27, 2012
Top Definition
Someone who is quite unusual in both good and bad ways. He seems kind of mean at first but he does have a very nice side, you just have to get to know him.
Bottom line is that he can be a nice guy you just have to give him a chance.
But sometimes he can be pretty unbearable.
"That dude seems kinda mean."

"Naw, he's a bryant. You just have to get to know him."
by Ashley Harrun January 30, 2009
An extremely handsome, intelligent man with a good head on his shoulders.

Loves his family

Treats women with respect

A romantic who will go above and beyond for the woman he loves

Good conversationalist

Great sense of humor

Loves technology and gadgets

Good with kids


Humble, yet confident

Proud of his appearance
Girl: "I would love to be with a man like Bryant!"
by mizzbee February 03, 2010
A man with exceeding sexual talents.
Multiple orgasms’ are just what he delivers, to expect any less would be absurd.
Bryant will provide you with hours of sexual ecstasy, give you a brief recovery period and then start again.
A master of the art of cunnalingus.
He made me cum like a Bryant.
I’m going to do her like a Bryant tonight.
by tromanaught November 23, 2010
Another way to say interesting or exactly
"Wow, that'really Bryant"
by Bethany from TC January 07, 2008
A man who spends his whole eternity to fulfill his one and only desire and need: to eat ass.
Yo, did you just go all out Bryant on that girl last night?
by Mr.StealYoGirl69 September 12, 2014
Bryant is the most athletic, intelligent, good-looking, and coolest Korean everywhere. Everybody wants to be like him and he looks to a great future which is 100% assured for him.
I want to be just like him!!!

Bryant is the best!!

I want Bryant's autograph!!
by 1838($!,! October 08, 2014
A wildly strange and crazy person. That has alot of bad and good traits.
Bryant:"i like cows"
by Fastfingers69 April 30, 2015
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