Somethings kids like Nuncio eat
Gangster: Imma kick yo fat little *ss for sayin that!
Gangster: You gonna get it!

*gangster shoots Nuncio*
by tilatequilafan December 29, 2007
Top Definition
a person who annoys everyone and has no friends. It is normally a girl and they dont know what people think of them. They think everyone is there friend, but everyone but like one person hates them.
Ewww. That girl is such a brussel sprouts.
by bethany ann jones March 12, 2011
Used to refer to unclean testicles.
That guy has some nasty brussel sprouts.
by BLN123 March 16, 2010
when your getting a blowjob and your pubic hair gets stuck inbetween the girls teeth.
blowjob deepthroat skull head dome face
damn, that girl was deepthroating me so far, that when i pulled out and she smiled her grill looked like a brussel sprout.
by J-Money/Schmeezy December 20, 2004
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