Boys like blondes, MEN like brunettes.
Brunettes are 'mariage material'.
only 14 years old boys jerk off to blondes.
by ___random___ May 21, 2007
A hair color, common in most areas of the word. The second most common hair color, next to black. It is characterized by higher levels of dark pigment eumelanin and lower levels of the pale pigment phaeomelanin.

Most of the other defintions for "brunette" is full of bullshit. Brown hair isn't any more attractive than blonde hair or redhair, and to judge someone by physical appearance is shallow and idiotic. There are beautiful, elegant blondes (Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron), and beautiful, elegant brunettes (Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones). And of course there are redheads, which can be equally as stunning.

Oh, and by the way, most of the stupid bimbo blondes you see have either bleached their hair, assuming that guys think it's "cute", or have succumbed to peer pressure and decided, "Well, I guess I'll just act stupid because everyone already thinks that I am."
Idiot: Oh, she's a brunette, she must be really smart, but boring.
Intelligent Person: You dumbass. Hair color has nothing to do with personality or intelligence, you piece of shit.
by laksdfj;lksda October 17, 2007
a girl with brown hair. Thats all it means!!!!!! Everyone who thinks brunettes are better or blondes are hotter needs to get a life. I'm brunette, u don't see me going "like Im so much smarter than that skanky blonde ho over there!"
a brunette is a girl that has brown hair.
by huggaboo May 13, 2005
Dark-haired female. Male version is brunet. Is falsely believed to be smarter than blondes or blonds for guys. There are dumb brunettes just like there are dumb blondes and smart brunettes just like there are smart blondes. And redheads too. And greenheads and blueheads.
She has pretty brunette hair.
by Beautiful Brunette July 10, 2006
A woman with brown hair.
"Wow, look at the slutty blonde attempt to insult brunettes. Haha, very funny."
by The Weasel! August 07, 2005
A female with brown hair. The only difference is hair colour. Any blondes that are sour about the fact that they are stereotyped as stupid or anything else about being blonde... do something about it rather than complain and girls with brown hair, if you have a problem with it, deal with it yourself.
Jordan: I hate her, she is a blonde/brunette, what a slag!
Johnny: What is the problem? Its only hair!
by apple'n'blackcurrent juice July 02, 2005
girls who are so totally awesome! brunettes rule the world and absolutely rock!!!
jojo - a girl that followed her dreams at the age of 13!! it doesnt get much better than that ;-)
by tori April 21, 2005
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