Refering to a woman with dark brown or black hair, darker eyes, and usually dark complexion. Some people commonly label everyone with any shade of brown hair as "brunette", even though lighter shades of brown hair are anthropogically considered "blond(e)".
Many Spanish women are brunettes. Sarah is a brunette, she has dark hair.
by JMC3 May 15, 2006
A female that will generally be more attractive, more intelligent, more compassionate, more fun to be around, etc., that a blonde. Brunettes are sexier and more exotic than blondes, because brunettes are rarer. I think it's really sad that a lot of people (mostly blondes) think they're prettier, when pretty much every guy I know thinks brunettes are way hotter, because we are. This isn't arrogance. It's scientifically proven.
Guy #1: Whoa, check out that smoking brunette.
Guy #2: Yeah, she's really hot. And she's smart and funny, too. Man, I wish I could date a brunette. All blondes are stupid sluts and whores.
Guy #1: Yeah, man.
by MontanaLuv<3babygrl January 13, 2008
Brunettes are far sexier than blonds. They're usually classier and more fun to be around because they don't have to try to live up to the 'i'm a blond so i'm dumb' thing; they don't act ditzy or dumb their selves down.
man 1: man i had the worse time with my girlfriend last night
man 2: you mean katy the blond?
man 1: yes.
man 2: oh how
man 1: she kept acting dumb.
man 2: oh well you know ashleigh
man 1: the girl you like?
man 2: yup; she never acts dumb
man 1: well duh she's a brunette
by ZachlovesBrunettes December 28, 2009
A female with dark hair, close to black but a bit lighter 1 or 2 shades (mostly). Being brunette doesn't mean that you are boring, dull, and uninteresting (though its common) because God create all hair colors are beautiful according to His image. Brunette hair can be as beautiful as blonde hair, red hair, and black hair I mean just look at Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Azhwara Rai, Angelina Jolie, Monica Belluci, and Kristen Stewart all have brunette hair and they all look drop-dead gorgeous, but it's at the inside which more important than hair color as long as you have great personality and confidence then you can pull-off your brunette hair beautifully. Blonde hair is nice too, but some of them are not that nice because of most the shades are too pale and washed out according to my taste (like Paris Hilton), blonde also looks a bit terrible with tanned skin especially if it's platinum blonde. So, to all the brunettes who reading this please don't be insecure about yourselves, it's not boring at all, it's nice.
Brunette hair are nice too, not dull and boring

Just as lovely as blonde hair, red hair, and black hair

Overall all hair colors are beautiful
by Asian cookie August 30, 2011
A darker than blonde, lighter than black. Simple as that. No your not smarter, more rare blah blah blah. ITS THE FREAKING COLOUR OF YOUR HAIR. And the really classy "lady-like" thing to do would be stop putting down blonde, yeah okay?

If your hot your hot, if your ugly your ugly. Hair has no real affect at the end of the day. Lets all be mature.
We're all human. Brunette, Blonde or Blue
by Odette67362 April 18, 2010
1. me!
2. an attractive male or female with brown hair who is intelligent and has wayyyy more fun than a blonde
1. wow vanessa, your one hott brunette!
2. that brunette ova there is a studd!!
by Vanessa <3 March 18, 2004
1. The best kind of woman.
2. The hottest woman.
3. The sexiest woman.
Jennifer Love Hewitt is a brunette.
by Tito Ortiz's Fat Head September 16, 2009
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