Top Definition
1. something unattractive
2. to incite violence against someone.
1. Yo, that girl you were talking to in the club was bruck up.
2. That eejot is gonna get bruck up.
by bacdafukup April 30, 2003
something thats mashed up, destroyed, mangled, busted, someone that got beaten up
look at that bruckup car.
by Ladyphat (hafsy) October 03, 2006
a dance style named after famous Jamaican dancer Bruck Up, a choreograper who appeared in videos with artists like Wyclef, Busta Rhymes, and Patra. His style is very hard to emulate, he rocked the dance halls in the 90's, people coming from miles away to see him dance, and to battle his style.
"what do you call that dance?" "bruck up"
by loveya27 February 05, 2008
She had a nice face but her face was all bruck up
by fishfinger March 23, 2003
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