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has a really big heart. he is beautiful inside and out. has rosey cheeks. has sky blue colored eyes. tan skin. big feet ;) is Strong and isn't scared to show his sensitive side. has a big ass . drives a little blue bug . Funny, intelligent, athletic, caring, loving, protective, and so much more. is a smart ass and has a strong sense of humor. cute laugh. is a flirt. Is good at hiding things from you which makes him a good liar. those are his only flaws. You either love him or you don't. <3 <3 .. would make the best fiancé, husband and daddy ever. Can only COEXIST with the girl he gave his heart to.
person1 : who's the guy driving that little blue bug ???
person2: thats bruce detter isn't it obvious?
person1: man look at him go
by hisberry October 07, 2011

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