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(v.) to break stuff. to completely botch a topic, lock a thread, derail a thought train or otherwise mess up an entire group of people discussing or contributing to one idea/subject matter.

Used primarily on internet forums and social sites.
zool: so what do you guys think of my homemade horse p0rn idea?

auntiesweetie: i love it, i say go for it!

notafrog: i don't know man, sounds kinda gay.

throatorgan: i loved zooey daschenel in hellraiser 4 - did you guys see this pic yet??

zool: dude. you just brownt0wned the thread.

My computer fan was making this weird noise so I took it out and hooked it up to my car's battery to check it. I totally brownt0wned my fan. It won't spin at all now.
by zaplinaki December 07, 2011
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