man who keeps everything brown ie woman he likes with brown skin , keeps it original opposite of bounty.
see that bre hes a brownie i rate him .
by Brownie July 23, 2003
small toilet log that just wont flush away
i gave birth to a brownie earlier and now it wont stop staring at me.
by dandc October 12, 2006
Someone that's uncool
Look at that Brownie over there !
by ChicagoROCKS June 14, 2004
old definition = a simple box camera made by Kodak. Made of wood and leatherette in the 1920's and 1930's and plastic in the 1950's and 1960's.
Dad shot the family portrait with his brownie.
by cody7287 October 02, 2003
A turd, feces, poopoo, used normally when in reference to eating.
That bitch just ate two large brownies.
by Krackershaft November 28, 2002
A black person with down syndrome.
Usually seen with an afro, and with a face of a normal downie.
"Hey, that black kid has downs, What a brownie"
by Exalleration December 13, 2008
The man of the hour
"ten mins is not long for brownie"
by derek May 20, 2003
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