Scenester cookie-cutter girls, so named for their short brown or black hairdos and propensity for heavy eyeliner application. Never taller than 5'7", the typical brownie is usually around 5'4".

Other distinguishing characteristics include: bad DIY fashion, asymmetrical hair and shirts, 100-length cigarettes, misusing big words, being a hairstylist or shopgirl, and not being pretty when the makeup is washed off.

Brownies are most prevalent on the East Coast, but gravitate to urban centers and "scenes" such as L.A. and Chicago.
"He only dates brownies, I can never tell them apart."
by Tuesday September 09, 2004
The item you don't want from the female bakery. also known as Poop.

See muffin cookie cupcakes oven wind cookies
we was doing it, and she let a wind cookie, and out came a brownie on my nuts!
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
a black skater kidd who is fricken cool
Brownie! Can I borrow a board?
#brownie #skater #cool #kidd #awesome
by meakana November 03, 2008
Young urban female, who is sweet and non-threatening. Has short, choppy dark hair and trendy clothes. Petite, not fat, and no visible scars or deformities of any kind. Usually possesses an art degree. Has an obvious, slightly juvenile subculture taste in books, films, and music.
There's no point in picking up girls at the Postal Service concert tonight. Unless, of course, you're interested in dating another brownie.
by jomc September 09, 2004
The name given to someone whose surname is "brown". Brownies are generally fat gay bastards who stuff rake handles up their arses, and their main hobbies consist of raping OAP'S and drinking sweaty cum.

Brownie is also a word used to describe a penis that has recently been inserted into a man's anus, and comes out covered in shit.

2. "I got a huge brownie last night after I shit-shoved this rent-boy"
#brown #chris #bellend #bell #brownie #cum
by Dannybell1 November 07, 2007
a gay way of sayin cigarette
c'mon homie,let's go for a brownie
#brown #townie #crappy #sicky #fishy
by aylu September 23, 2005
an asshole
look at the cute brownie on that one!
by cody7287 October 02, 2003
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