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referring to the people of india; a desi; 'brown' people
by mwahh August 31, 2003
60 72
Is an Australian term for someone who is bad at predicting the weather. Named after "brownies coast watch", it is also applicable to people who are always trying to predict the future, whether it be weather or events, and can never seem to get it right. Also known as an Ass Clown cos they make an Ass/Clown of themselves for never having anything they say come true.
"mate that dude is such a brownie, he keeps telling us that he is going to drag that bird home, but all he does is get pissed and collapse beside the bar"

"Oooi brownie, whats the weather like today, going to rain again? (perfect comment for a sunny day)"
by mimasinvest October 13, 2009
2 15
The guy who sits next to you while you are taking your driver's license road test.
Can you BELIEVE it? That brownie flunked me - NO LICENSE!!
by WillyBGood321 July 17, 2009
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Of girls enroled with the organization Girl Guides of Canada, girls aged 7 and 8, a rank above Sparks (girls aged 5-6) and below Guides (aged 9-11) or Pathfinders (12-14). Uniforms (were) brown, with some orange detailing.
Brownies sell Girl Guide cookies door-to-door.
by Aldea June 02, 2006
10 23
Scenester cookie-cutter girls, so named for their short brown or black hairdos and propensity for heavy eyeliner application. Never taller than 5'7", the typical brownie is usually around 5'4".

Other distinguishing characteristics include: bad DIY fashion, asymmetrical hair and shirts, 100-length cigarettes, misusing big words, being a hairstylist or shopgirl, and not being pretty when the makeup is washed off.

Brownies are most prevalent on the East Coast, but gravitate to urban centers and "scenes" such as L.A. and Chicago.
"He only dates brownies, I can never tell them apart."
by Tuesday September 09, 2004
85 98
The item you don't want from the female bakery. also known as Poop.

See muffin cookie cupcakes oven wind cookies
we was doing it, and she let a wind cookie, and out came a brownie on my nuts!
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
6 19
To pull ones underwear up causing it to become lodged in his/her butt crack.
I just gave that guy a brownie!
by Mannies April 04, 2003
6 19