A young good looking professional 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation with an ethnic origin from the Pacific Rim with skin tone equal to a creamy coffee texture, or caramel like tone composition. Specifically, A young Filipino woman or man living in North America.
"Yo, I think I just found my dessert for the evening, I want a piece of that Brownie, I hope she's creamy on the inside" - young men in a night club.
by Down4Sushi January 26, 2008
A racist term to describe brown people
tht fuckin brownie took jacked me
by Ashley fills November 01, 2007
(n./ adj.) a shit-face; someone who seems sweet at first but then turns out to be a little shit.
Paige: Dude, that guy, Donald, from the party last night, was a real brownie.
Vicky: Fuck him.
by PaiVic August 20, 2007
1. someone crazy, wild, laughing uncontrollably, or crunk
2. codeword for something spiked
1. *girls are laughing like crazy* -boys walk by, one says- "those brownies are steaming today." "yeah i know, they are definetely on something"
2. *someone bring spiked cake to school* "Damn, thanks for the brownie!"
by alison halder December 12, 2006
Something that is both funny and awesome.

This term originated from the use of the word moist, meaning that something is funny, and from the term "sweet," meaning that something is awesome. If something is both sweet and moist, it can be compared to a brownie (yes, as in the baked good).
"Dude, that slinky is totally brownie!"
by Roni Uremetsu September 20, 2005
reliable continuos always available booty call
After returning from the club at 3am Katie spent the night with her brownie.
by TheDre August 01, 2005
A nickname for guys who aren't exactly black but not white either. They're somewhere in between even though they look completely white, but likes the idea of being black.
Actual white person: Hey Brownie! what's up?

White person that thinks they're black: Yo son! wut up
by Whitie March 29, 2005

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