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word used in "the breakfast club" by john bender

and ive been trying to figure out what it is but nothing tells me =(
"that man.. is a brownie hound."
by christine March 10, 2005
Basically a butt kisser. If you've ever heard of brownie points you'll understand it better. It basically refers to someone who only looks out for themselves and wants to get a bunch of brownie points.
"That man is such a brownie hound" -John
Bender from the Breakfast Club
by EmmyJ January 24, 2009
1) When an older man goes after young, young girls, such as girl scouts.
(Girl Scouts; Brownies)

2) Used in the movie The Breakfast Club by John Bender to describe his principal.
John Bender: "That man is such a brownie hound!"

by NicoletteNicotine November 12, 2007
A man that prefers to "shoot it up the shitter."
"Bill, why don't we go back to my place and get it on, I just had an enima"
by Emily February 14, 2003
a cookie dog
goddamn browniehound!
by werty April 24, 2003
A person who violates another person with their kundalini either intentionally or by accident.
That girl is definitely a brownie-hound.
by ButtRogers August 06, 2008
Someone who uses flattery to get ahead or gain favor. A brown noser.
Bob just got promoted. He's such a brownie hound.
by evilchuck December 03, 2008