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Surrey B.C. ; Newton area

-area of Surrey where the Indo-Canadians are at.
by kraftdinner101 June 26, 2011
22 11
An informal name for the anus, mostly used in the context of having anal sex with someone ("take sb. to browntown").
We'll bend you over, then we'll take you to browntown - Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)
by arisboch August 10, 2011
14 6
Where I took your mother last night. Aka stick it in her pooper
I got your mom super drunk so she let me take her to brown town
by the anal avengur February 17, 2011
16 9
The dece way of saying ima gunna stick my dong in yur butt hole.
Some Guy- I know the mayor of Browntown
Some Guy 2- Does he take you there every night?
Some Guy- Yea he takes me there for a few hours! its great!
Some Guy 2- How dont you have AIDS already?
by l337 h4x0rz December 03, 2007
22 16
The best place you can be in Stafford County.
Yo, you trynna hit up Brown Town this weekend?
by Lil Jeeeezy June 02, 2011
7 4
A town, city or sprawling metropolis where the inhabitants happen to be mostly black. Crime, poverty and incest run rampant.
1. Shit, stay the fuck out of Chicago, that's a brown-town!
2. The MTV music awards just cater for brown-town these days
3. Groom: "I was thinking Wanganui, New Zealand for our honeymoon my love?"
Wife: "I want a divorce! That's brown-town!"
by TGR In The Cage October 01, 2009
6 4
A part of a city where the population is all African-Americans. Similar to "The Hood"
Guy #1: I just rode my bike into Browntown and I got alot of dirty looks.

Guy #2: Why?

Guy #1: Because i'm white!
by bfdifan1111 June 21, 2013
1 1