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The act of waking up early, dropping the dugan of your life, and then frantically wiping to complete the experience; unfortunately when wiping the excess remains on your thumb.
Dude, I passed the most amazing BM that there was nothing that I could do to avoid the Brown Thumb.

(calling best friend) {You} You would not believe what happened this morning. {Friend} I cant talk. {You} It involves the brown thumb. {Friend} I've got time for that. Tell me more.
by +8 January 08, 2009
The opposite of a green thumb; a person who doesn't know his brass from his oboe about taking care of plants.
Who are you giving that tree to? I wouldn't trust Lana. She's a brown thumb. You give her any plant, it'll be dead in one day!
by pentozali December 20, 2007
A person who enjoys sticking their thumb in peoples bum and sometimes the brown thumbs own bum.
Don't shake hands with a Jackie they're brown thumbs.
by one thumbs up August 21, 2010