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Brown Spider. On internet forums, this does not refer to the specific species (Loxosceles reclusa), but to all brown spiders in general. Try not to get them confused.
User 1:
Hey! Look at this spider that I found:

-insert image of any brown spider here-

User 2:
That's a brown recluse.
by Thesh Ooter September 21, 2004
when the turd that was only moments before ready to force its way out suddenly dissapears. .... a brown recluse
you were on your way to the bathroom to drop number 2 but somebody or something distracted you and it just sorta went away. tomorrow you're in for a nice big surprise. you had a brown recluse
by TR horror September 15, 2009
A very poisoness spider, known to cause horribly deforming scars, because it's venom eats away at your skin and muscle tissue.
God save me! I've been bitten by a brown recluse. OHHHH the horror, it's starting to smell like almonds. God Kill Me!
by Skizzlemasta October 07, 2003
Someone who jacks off while taking a shit.
Experts finish on the log.
Get the fuck out of the bathroom ya brown recluse!"
by Turdlow August 01, 2010