Brown-Out, otherwise known as a large grouping of mexicans out in a single area of the public having a celebration or party for any reason. Known for massive ammounts of beer, cholo's and chola's
Amy, call the police. Tell them we got a brown-out in progress going on at the Sanchez's house.
by leeper July 07, 2006
A generic term used to describe an idiotic act or fuck up
(After doing something down)... man, did I ever brown out that night! Or... THat was totally brown!
by Barny July 09, 2003
A moon that exposes the brown eye.

A mass mooning by several people that exposes all of their brown eyes.
250 guys had a brown out in front of the Phi Mu house on Saturday. You should have seen it!
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 12, 2005

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