When you smoke a large amount of tobacco and get a massive head rush to the point where you feel like passing out. Symptoms include, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
Dude that cuban we smoked is gonna make me brown out, im so head rocked!
by 204kush September 04, 2012
When engaging in multiple penetration anal sex, a brown out occurs when there are too many dicks in a girl or guys ass and someone realizes that their dick is not making any contact with the ass and is completely surrounded by other dicks.
The gangbang was going really well until someone discovered they were in a brown out, and then it was just really gay.
by Analog Ken March 22, 2010
When you have been drinking for an extended period of time and one's memory begins to fade due to the high blood alcohol content, yet can remember certain things/events, just not everything from that day/night.
When his friend Ian asked if he blacked out last night, Robby replied: "No, I think it was more of a brown out because I remember talking to that fat girl at the bar, but I don't remember seeing you."
by G Mace April 09, 2006
Taking a dump in the tank of a toilet so that with each flush the water continues to turn brown. Usually done to someone you dislike.
While at a party...

Guy 1: This girl is sure a bitch.
Guy 2: Why don't you leave a brown out?
by Steamers September 20, 2012
When a person has slapped in either taken to large of a dip, or smoked to many cigs at once. This causes the body to refuse the large amounts of Nicotine/Tobacco in a violent and Histaricle spray show of puke. Once the Victim has tossed their cookies they has no choice, but immiediately leave the premasses. To Elliminate Further Embarrasment..... But not before tossing i another lipper.
(Gerv Puts Massive Tobacco dip in)
Katie: " Gerv are you okay"
Gerv: (vomits everywhere)
Tyler:"AWWWWHH!! Gerv Just browned out!"
Geoff:" Thats the first peson ive seen Brown out!"
by Ye Ole Shoppe November 02, 2010
When you shit yourself at work and wife has to bring you u
New underwear
Jeremy had a brownout the other day and had to go home
by aj612345 January 25, 2010
Similar to a black out, but occurs when someone is so drunk they shit them self, around the house or just anywhere.
Cory got so drunk last night he had a brown out in the kitchen.
by Button88 June 30, 2010

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