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1. for the electricity to dim or fade

2. an instance of the electricity dimming or fading, a partial black out
I hate it when we get a brown out. flicccc
by The Return of Light Joker February 01, 2008
13 9
interestingly enough the Brown Out is an output pin on a Microcontroller chip that indicates when power to the system is failing. e.g. when your TV tells you that the batteries in your remote are low it is because the Brown Out has flagged up a warning and the remote has transmitted that warning signal on to the TV

oh and it sounds like poo. haha
"The Brown Out is at a logic 1"
by Dijital May 22, 2004
43 39
When you get too drunk and poop your pants and don't remember.
Yeah, he must have had a Brown Out last night
by MizterTastee October 17, 2010
4 2
When engaging in multiple penetration anal sex, a brown out occurs when there are too many dicks in a girl or guys ass and someone realizes that their dick is not making any contact with the ass and is completely surrounded by other dicks.
The gangbang was going really well until someone discovered they were in a brown out, and then it was just really gay.
by Analog Ken March 22, 2010
5 3
Taking a dump in the tank of a toilet so that with each flush the water continues to turn brown. Usually done to someone you dislike.
While at a party...

Guy 1: This girl is sure a bitch.
Guy 2: Why don't you leave a brown out?
by Steamers September 20, 2012
1 0
When you smoke a large amount of tobacco and get a massive head rush to the point where you feel like passing out. Symptoms include, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
Dude that cuban we smoked is gonna make me brown out, im so head rocked!
by 204kush September 04, 2012
1 0
When your bowels explosively evacuate themselves with much fanfare.
"Aw man, dude. Last night was crazy. Joey had a massive brownout."
"What's a brownout?"
"It's when your bowels explosively evacuate themselves with much fanfare."
by Pipples May 20, 2012
3 2