when you forget parts of a night, but not the entire night, as compared to blacking out..supposedly..
dude: have you ever blacked out from drinking?
bro: nah, just brown out.
dude: uhh, I hope you're just trying to be funny because wtf is browning out?
bro: it's like, when you forget parts of a night, but not the entire night.
by megalopolissss May 24, 2010
When the stupid power company lacks the power grid capacity, and causes all my lights to flicker and resets my clocks and computers.
If I get another brown out, I'm going to firebomb the electric company.
by tex May 24, 2004
Something common in the summer during extremely hot days when many people are running high-drain devices such as air-conditioners.
"We had a brown out last summer because it was 98F out at night and everyone was running their AC"
by AJG May 24, 2004
1. When you take a huge dump and it covers the hole that sucks the poop down when you flush.

2.When your craps are so liquidy the water in the toilet turns completely brown, floaters are possible.
1.There was a brown out situation in the men's bathroom.

2. I took such a huge dump this morning I completely browned out the toilet.
by Troob January 31, 2008
When the power doesn't go out, but it fades for a second and maybe blinks.
I had to unplug some appliances because I didn't want them to be damaged by a power surge after the brown out.
by xoxo May 24, 2004
1. When the lights go out quickly and come back on. Also may reboot computers.

2. When your girlfriend smacks you across the dome.
Shit, that brownout disconnected my Counter Strike game

That bitch brownout my eye
by Bud Wise May 20, 2004
A lag in power getting to it's destination, where a black out would almost occure, but is averted at the last second. A dip in the ammount of power and quality being provided.
Damn it, that brown out fried all my electronics
by Felspar May 22, 2004

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