1.if you are playing some sort of video game or any sort of game, when you need to poop, instead of calling time-out you call a brown out.
2.pausing an activity to take a shit.
This video game is so fun. O, god here it comes into my lower bowels. i can't stand it any longer. I gotta go poo so badly!
"brown out!, gotta go take a poo"
by I.C. Big Weiner June 06, 2007
when you forget parts of a night, but not the entire night, as compared to blacking out..supposedly..
dude: have you ever blacked out from drinking?
bro: nah, just brown out.
dude: uhh, I hope you're just trying to be funny because wtf is browning out?
bro: it's like, when you forget parts of a night, but not the entire night.
by megalopolissss May 24, 2010
A reduction or cutback in electric power, especially as a result of a shortage, a mechanical failure, or overuse by consumers.
If a city uses too much electricity, a brown out occurs.
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
Something common in the summer during extremely hot days when many people are running high-drain devices such as air-conditioners.
"We had a brown out last summer because it was 98F out at night and everyone was running their AC"
by AJG May 24, 2004
1. When you take a huge dump and it covers the hole that sucks the poop down when you flush.

2.When your craps are so liquidy the water in the toilet turns completely brown, floaters are possible.
1.There was a brown out situation in the men's bathroom.

2. I took such a huge dump this morning I completely browned out the toilet.
by Troob January 31, 2008
When the power doesn't go out, but it fades for a second and maybe blinks.
I had to unplug some appliances because I didn't want them to be damaged by a power surge after the brown out.
by xoxo May 24, 2004
1. When the lights go out quickly and come back on. Also may reboot computers.

2. When your girlfriend smacks you across the dome.
Shit, that brownout disconnected my Counter Strike game

That bitch brownout my eye
by Bud Wise May 20, 2004
When engaging in multiple penetration anal sex, a brown out occurs when there are too many dicks in a girl or guys ass and someone realizes that their dick is not making any contact with the ass and is completely surrounded by other dicks.
The gangbang was going really well until someone discovered they were in a brown out, and then it was just really gay.
by Analog Ken March 22, 2010
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