To have anal intercourse with an underage virgin, before even considering her vagina.
I was doing a Browneye when her bowels exploded over my choad.
by Ally B May 12, 2004
The most beautiful and attractive eye colour on men. Over 90% of brown-eyed people who put colored contacts are women. Brown eyed men rarely consider contacts as they know the brown color goes well with their masculinity.

Brown eyes are usually found in countries like Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Iran, Malta and Turkey.

Blue/green eyes are beautiful on women because of their flamboyant colour, but on male they're pretty out of place and feminine, thus giving them that so-called pretty boy look.

On a man, brown eyes complete their masculinity and sexy looks. On a woman, brown eyes are not bad, but rather plain (look at Anne Hathaway). Not to mention, female sex symbols tend to be blue/green eyed while male symbols tend to be brown eyed.
Some hot men with gorgeous brown eyes:

Heath Ledger
Ricky Martin
Enrique Iglesias
Justin Bieber (not a fan btw, but he's cute)
Nick Jonas
Jason Statham
Vin Diesel
Antonio Banderas
Ben Affleck

Brown eyed men whom I don't find attractive but are called sexy a lot by other women:

George Clooney
Johnny Depp
Ashton Kutcher
Taylor Lautner
by Glenarina October 24, 2011
Plural of brown eye, to moon, show your freckle, show your dot. Basically drop your pants and show your arse.
Also take care there are no dot sniffers in the area.
May require you to na na nukka nukka
Carefull when you chuck a brown eye to passing traffic, a cop may drive along!
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
1. Term often used for breasts or boobs
2. Those two brown things on either side of a nose
3. plural form of Brown Eye, anus
1. "I like a girl with a big booty and some big brown eyes"
2. "Hey Dave, I never knew you had brown eyes!"
3. "Jackie's brown eye is bangin' yo"
by The Oblivious February 05, 2004
Someone that is so full of shit, that you can see it in there eyes. Thus they have brown eyes. Originated in the American South-West.
Frank: Dude, the Holocaust was fake!
Kevin: Sure it was brown eyes.
by Stephen Danyiles October 31, 2007
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