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the stinky anal crevice also reffered to as: Asshole, Red Eye (only after a heavy thrashing) sphincter.
yea bitch, you took it in the brown eye!
by The Big Nug T April 09, 2003
An exotic, deep, expressing eye colour. Despite it's common nature, this eye colour is beautiful and can portray a lot of expressions. For some reason, people with brown eyes are hated on because of their eye colour's lack of rareness, but this is a stupid reason. People with brown eyes are often warm, friendly, expressive and forgiving, and are well liked. They also tend to be more intelligent than people with blue or green eyes. Brown eyes are also very sexy, and are a sought after trait in women.
Man, that girl's sexy.
Yeah, it must be her amazing brown eyes.
by Brown Eyes May 05, 2014
spreading of buttcheeks to reveal the bare brown butthole in someone's face
"I pranked my friend and gave him a brown eye"

"What did he do?"

"He gave me a rat tail."
by Pirate Jester January 05, 2009
A variation on mooning in which the person exposing their buttocks pulls them apart to dramatically display their anus; thereby invoking and conveying disgust.
In line for the toll booth dude was yelling at us, so Sylvie rolled down her window and showed him her brown eye.
by Mobius Rex May 08, 2008
The act of spreading one's buttocks to reveal the anus, and squatting over the face of a person who is asleep of intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness. Variations involve locating the anus directly above or touching the tip of the nose, the eye, or the mouth.
Jerry drank all of my whiskey and passed out, so I gave him a brown eye.
by afokenr March 25, 2003
synonym for the anus (also known as o-ring and butthole)
The brown eye was visible when the pants were removed.
by Moonis Kline March 22, 2005
To 'brown eye'


To 'brown eye' someone is to moon them, through the 'act of baring one's anus to a party as a sign of defiance', with the added insult of a brown poo smear surrounding the anus. The term derives its meaning from the acts' resemblance to the sectors of the eye - the white cornea as the bottom, the poo smear as the colour of the iris and the black hole of the anus as the pupil.

Not to be confused with actual brown coloured eyes, which are usually devoid of fecal matter.
For cases where eyes are not devoid of fecal matter, see pink eye.
"Dude, Julie totally brown eyed me the other day. It was horrible."
by randomimpulsion2165 June 13, 2013