An exotic, deep, expressing eye colour. Despite it's common nature, this eye colour is beautiful and can portray a lot of expressions. For some reason, people with brown eyes are hated on because of their eye colour's lack of rareness, but this is a stupid reason. People with brown eyes are often warm, friendly, expressive and forgiving, and are well liked. They also tend to be more intelligent than people with blue or green eyes. Brown eyes are also very sexy, and are a sought after trait in women.
Man, that girl's sexy.
Yeah, it must be her amazing brown eyes.
#eyes #eye colour #brunette #brown #pretty #sexy #intelligent
by Brown Eyes May 05, 2014
your anus
i put it right up her browneye last night when she was sleeping.what a fuss she made anybody would think id done something wrong
by dale winton April 07, 2003
the hole in my ass
wen ur mom gave me a lap dance i could see her brown eye winking at me
by your best friend April 20, 2003
noun; what the asshole looks like when it's not producing solid human body waste; the asshole at rest
When that nude dancer bent down in front of me, sticking her ass in my face, I got a clear look at her brown eye looking back at me!
by DannyG March 19, 2003
another word for asshole
"man i was getting her doggy-style, and her brown-eye winked at me!"
by enchanted1 October 09, 2003
Your bung hole
Make sure you wash your browneye, or I'll wash it for ya!
by Cuppthx1138 August 01, 2003
The part off your body where brown stuff comes out. You can't see out of it.
Last night I was hangin' with Kelly and suddenly without warning, she showed me her brown eye and nothing more.
#bung #old dirt road #poop chute #flexible tubing #turd cutter
by Dilldo Baggins August 03, 2007
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