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Allthough the most common they can be incredibly beautiful if they are dark, especially on a tanned person. When you look into them its like your falling into soft deep rich belgian chocolate.

Often you see them on spanish, or latino people and man do they look georgeous!
Yeah man, its those dark brown eyes... mmmm sexy AND mysterious
by ilikefrenchies May 24, 2011
the anus, the poop shoot, the cornhole, the bung hole, the "hershey highway"
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
butt hole
barry likes to stick his penis in paul's brown eye
by adam schilling November 10, 2002
Butt Hole
I poke my girl friend in the brown eye last night
by Jizzo June 06, 2003
A human eye iris color often compared to the much more rare blue eye color as if it has some kind of self-image problem. despite the ridiculous and imagined second-best complex, brown eyes are still scientifically proven through the use of imaging software to be genuinely more attractive and trustworthy than blue eyes. Another myth about brown eyes is their correlation to chocolate. There is no such similarity, brown eyes are much more like honey, maple syrup, or liqueur in their translucently solid and light reflecting qualities.
The girl with the brown eyes glanced at him for only a second but still won over his heart, causing him to break up with the blue eyed girl the very next day.
by Magnetism March 21, 2013
your anus
i put it right up her browneye last night when she was sleeping.what a fuss she made anybody would think id done something wrong
by dale winton April 07, 2003