contrary to popular and STUPID belief, brown does not describe those of middle eastern or hispanic descent. those of hispanic descent have their own color - latino, and most middle easterns are of their own color - arab, so arab and brown are not the same ethnic group!
brown people are generally made up of south asians (indians, bengalis, nepal, sri lanka, etc..) and also some of south america, like guyana
"Yo Omar my brown homie lets go and chill at the mall buddy!"
"For the last time you idiot I'm not brown im Arab and PROUD! You wanna hang out with a brown guy so much, go talk to Russell Peters!"
by brown person March 06, 2008
Noun: A penny (United States coin).
I'll crouch down to pick up a quarter, but I ain't goin' down for a brown!
by Digger1 November 05, 2006
The smell of your own stench coming from the anus when you sit down. Usually due to a lack of personal hygiene.
"Dude, I haven't showered in like 3 days, I can smell my own brown when I sit down."

"I need to wash my brown"
by BrownTownLOLWUT January 26, 2009
1.Brown- A color that is dark usually a mixture of white and black.

2. Brown- When used for a name, common names that tag along with brown include, but not limited to, Mar-alicious.

*Side Note* We usually find these "browns" hanging with A: girls who PMS all the time over boys, B: Girls who have the finest asses in the hood, or C: some pretty fly dudes that are unbelievably sexy.
When u combine Jesus with Hailey from Paramore, u get a brown.

These rare species called browns are commonly obsessed with non-talented singers, which we shall not specify, but contain 3 members.

These lovely creatures are on the point of desolation. Purple hood-ed creatures have been known to launch a devastating attack against the brown clan. Please we inform you to stay away from a brown.
by C-Lee-A Pu- ella ella ella a a January 17, 2009
Shortcut for a delicious beer called 'Carlsberg Brown', which is available only in the African Country Malawi.

(Perhaps a suggestion to the Carlsberg company to sell those buggers in the rest of the world aswell.)
"Fancy a drink nugguh?" - "Yeah, could do with a brown actually..."

"Those browns are much better than those greens, now aren't they chap!"
by jerry January 15, 2004
1. to pass feces
2. to penetrate anally

1. feces
2. the act of passing feces
3. the anus
1. The delinquent kid is going to brown all over the bathroom stall.
2. My girl doesn't appreciate it when I brown her unexpectedly.

1. There was brown all over my doorstep.
2. I seriously need to take a brown.
3. He licked her brown until the late hours of the night.
by stone man November 30, 2004
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