contrary to popular and STUPID belief, brown does not describe those of middle eastern or hispanic descent. those of hispanic descent have their own color - latino, and most middle easterns are of their own color - arab, so arab and brown are not the same ethnic group!
brown people are generally made up of south asians (indians, bengalis, nepal, sri lanka, etc..) and also some of south america, like guyana
"Yo Omar my brown homie lets go and chill at the mall buddy!"
"For the last time you idiot I'm not brown im Arab and PROUD! You wanna hang out with a brown guy so much, go talk to Russell Peters!"
by brown person March 06, 2008
An undesirable situation, thing or state of being.
"Dude livin in this trailer park is seriously browning me out."
by Todd Blevins May 07, 2007
not the brightest crayon in the box
person 1: uh..... i don't get it....

person 2: you're brown!!!
by Sami Morgan February 15, 2007
adj. Someone who often acts in a very homosexual fashion, who resembles a beetle and/or who has a high hairline at a young age. It is the word "brown" but spelt out to add emphasis on the homosexuality of the person in question. B.r.o.w.n.s' hobbies generally include pirating DVDs and performing brownrubs (see "brownrub"). Oftentimes, b.r.o.w.n.s can be found within a circle of b.r.o.s.
Ugh! James Woods is such a B.r.o.w.n., although he is a good actor.
by Pat Smith October 10, 2006
Word used to describe lower grade Heroin in the United Kingdom.
Any Brown for sale? Who's selling Brown at the moment?
by James Edwards November 06, 2005
probably the most "discriminated " color in the box..although a neutral color,it's most often associated in two ways in a pleasing sense or in a gross manner,nonetheless a wonderful color for hair/fur (deer,rabbits,dogs..etc.)
a girl: this man was a yummy chocolate Brown.
a guy: hey girl!This does not look like chicken looks like a burnt "doo doo " Brown pattie all that cooking school for nothin ! DAMN !

by Desiree2 June 17, 2008
United Kingdom slang for a cigarette. Another slang word is 'fag', and the cockney rhyming slang 'fag' goes to brown bag, which is shortened to brown.
Shall we duck for a brown?

I brownsed so much last night.

'Low it, I've only got 2 browns left. Beg you buy a 20 deck.
by brownser April 29, 2007
the color of shit....
The color of that shirt is brown.
by Courtt April 12, 2008

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