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contrary to popular and STUPID belief, brown does not describe those of middle eastern or hispanic descent. those of hispanic descent have their own color - latino, and most middle easterns are of their own color - arab, so arab and brown are not the same ethnic group!
brown people are generally made up of south asians (indians, bengalis, nepal, sri lanka, etc..) and also some of south america, like guyana
"Yo Omar my brown homie lets go and chill at the mall buddy!"
"For the last time you idiot I'm not brown im Arab and PROUD! You wanna hang out with a brown guy so much, go talk to Russell Peters!"
by brown person March 06, 2008
A word that could be used to describe Rabananda, and should be used along with the word man at each possible opportunity.
"look it's the brown man"
by that'srightbetches June 19, 2008
Poopies, as in the act of going poopies in the potty.
I think I'm gunna take the Browns to the Superbowl.
by BobHornytoad March 31, 2004
Cockney Rhyming slang Brown Bag - Fag (cigarette)
mate you got a spare browns?
by Tom Archer May 21, 2004
HEROIN - smack, scag, dirt, B's, etc. Dirty fukin drug that'll ruin you!
"Wha gwaan b? Any brown gwaan?"

"Just robbed these sunglasses, you can ave em for a bag uh brown"
by T August 02, 2003
A replacement for any cuss word of the users choice. An under achievement, usually negatively directed at someone.
(after loosing a game)- "Dude that last play was so Brown."
(After an Epic Fail )- " That was Brown!!!!!"
by GGNparticipant April 20, 2011
A surname of which the person seems boring and average but these people can be cunningly devious and people are misled by their boring superficial mask, and in turn make up the population of those on street corners, but go home to mummy's for tea and scones.
Man 1 "dude..don't her name's Railston-Brown!"
Man 2 "eh,money grabbing b**tch!"
by PimpOfTheBitches June 02, 2010