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Poor Mexicans who live in a trailer.
Those Mexicans are smoking grass! Now that's some brown trash.
by jakrel May 28, 2005
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Brown trash- A brown person who acts like he's a nigger, making them the trash of black trash.
Brown trash: What up my NIG-GAHS?

*Gets clubbed to death by KFC-wielding black people*
by FingerFruit October 16, 2010
White trash but brown people....also acceptable, Black trash, Yellow trash, Red trash
White guy #1Holy fuck....did you see those new people that moved to town.

White guy #2:yeah their totall brown trash.
by Zeconstable August 06, 2009
Poor chicanos who do drugs, sell drugs, and are racist to their roots - they believe they are better than latino immigrants.
That chicana thinks she's better than honest-working immigrants, when in reality she's the one getting high on meth, selling drugs, and having sex with multiple strangers in exchange for gifts - she's brown trash.
by cr!s July 04, 2011
A term similar to 'whitetrash', except, of course, that it applies to people from the Indian Sub-continent (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans). While not necessarily hick-ish in the NASCAR watching way, Browntrash are known for their book-smarts, lack of social skills and a tendency to travel in packs and stare compulsively at everyone else. They also gossip incessantly and seem to derive sustenance from rumour-mongering. While they might appear to be hostile, they're actually quite simple-minded.
A="There shall be hell to pay if the Browntrash see me with my girl-friend!"

B= "Yeah, your mother in New Delhi will probably find out all about your 'debauchery' within the hour!
by boyinterrupted April 07, 2009
when u go to someones house and for revenge u shit in their bathroom trash.
u know that fag who egged in my house. i brown trashed in his main floor bathroom
by David Poland August 11, 2007
Normally mild mannered half indian, half filipina girl who go wile out on dey ex cracka suga daddy in da club after she busts him grindin on another ho.
Meena went brown trash on Brad's sorry ass when she caught him trying to double dip in da club.
by Fake Baby June 19, 2008

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