its being proud of being latino or as my grandpa says "indoamericano" mexicans arent the only ones aright its not just being proud of being mexican im slavadorian do u think im prod of being mexican ? come on.
i saw a brown pride shirt at the swap-meet.
by guanaco June 18, 2005
Top Definition
Being proud that you're brown
You got your black pride, we got out brown pride
by Brownie ;) March 12, 2005
It is the same as Mexican Pride.
My homies always wear logos that say "Brown Pride".
by Gio February 27, 2005
Beeing proud to be brown.
Brown Pride Mentality concerns Mexicans as well as other Latinos (cubans, portoricans, salvadorians...), Arabic People who lives in USA & South-Italians (Napolitans, Sicilians).
Brown Pride Movement concerns Chicanos, Chicanas and Mexas only >>> Chicano Power.
This mentality is owe of racism against their religions (Catholic, Muslim) and their culture often so different of the WASP Culture.
"hey cholo ! u best be proud"
"es para la raza ruedo con la Brown Pride familia vato !"
by S.D Ranflaholic July 03, 2007
A phrase used to describe huge fans of 2 Girls One Cup.
Hey man, why are you wearing a shirt full of latinos rolling around in shits? Daz my people holmes. We roll around in shit. Brown Pride!
by ZergSamurai November 17, 2011
being proud that you are South east asian. Middle Eastern. Native American. You can't say brown pride just because your parents were born in mexico because a lot of people in mexico are european or white. So in order to say brown pride you have to be native american like aztec chumash cheeroke mayan or incan.
Brown pride is something people who speak spanish say and a lot of them are not brown.
by alexxc June 27, 2007
Filipino and mexican way of saying 'Filipino pride' or 'Mexican pride' Based on the color of their skin ------- BROWN
1. MEXICAN - La raza La raza!!!! BROWN PRIDE!!!

2. FILIPINO - Brown pride moder pakker!!!! TBS 13 for life (True Brown Style 13 gang)
by NINO NINO NINO November 18, 2005
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