poor people with brown skin and big penises who live in wealthy countries which has plenty of oil or other resources, usually considered as terrorists or thieveswhich is not true there nice peacful people with prioreties, in the US they work as taxi drivers gardeners or have crappy stores or spicy food restaurants
omg is that a white guy driving a cab, i thought it's only for brown people
by mojo97 January 05, 2013
An another short slang for South Asians
Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistani, Iranian/Persian, Bengali, West Indian, afghan, etc etc
my school is filler wid brown people!! gotta luv dem sexccc ppl ;)
by LankstaTDOT August 06, 2009
No one is exactly sure who 'Brown People' are. It has been used inconsistently throughout history to describe everyone from Italians (in early US immigration history), Malaysians, Indigenous people in Canada, Australia, and the US, people of India, 'mixed' South Africans, and Hispanics.

Where I live it is really in vogue with South Asians/Desis who feel the need to racialize themselves.

This term is used more by some of these groups to describe themselves then it is used by others to describe them.
Did you see those brown people?
Uhmm, who are you talking about?
by RaceScholar November 15, 2010
People with brown skin, usually from the MIddle East, South Asia, or Latin America but can also included dark skinned europeans such as Italians and Spaniards.
Nasrif: Yo, I'm from Pakistan so I'm not white but I'm not black either.

John: Yea, so your Brown Person.
by drdash July 16, 2008
The ethnic male/female of brown skin colour.
The skin colour of the future human race as:
1. Brown people have more offspring.
2. Mixed raced people emerge as the colour brown.
3. White people develop interracial relationships.

White people get tans to be BROWN while black /brown people use whitening cream to be whiter. Yet all people want the colour brown as its seen as the sexy tanned colour.

However the media downplays this fact through netagtive stereotyping of the brown man as a terrorist. The brown man is never a celebrity, model or sucessful polical person in the western world.

Yet the emerging brown race will dominate the planet based on Islam.
Brown and black men will dominate the world
Brown man + Brown woman = Brown offspring
Brown man + black woman = Dark Brown offspring
Brown man = White woman = Light Brown offspring
Black man + white woman = Brown offspring

Either way its still brown these brown people will be of mixed religions however majority of brown people are Muslim
by HARAMEEZ December 11, 2011
brown people are east or south indians THAT DON'T SIT ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY SELLING ROSES. Got it? ;-)
hey, brown people are awesome
by loveylovey April 06, 2011
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