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Self confessed player of the pink Obow
by simon August 23, 2003
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Pejorative. A male homosexual, so-called due to the propensity of the tip of the male member to become coated with feces during the act of anal intercourse.
Boy George is the king of the brown hatters.
by Tunmy AuGratin February 25, 2006
A bottsman. With shit on his helmet.
"You comin' out with us down Brighton tonight?"

"Fuck off, you brown hatter! I know what you lot do on a night out!"
by Baron Of Stuff November 10, 2007
A bull queer who, on extracting his cock from his quean's arse, finds its helmet covered in shit.
Tony Blair's brownhatted himself over the Iraqi war.
by yadswyver June 29, 2003
When the hat of your penis is brown, you are a brown hatter.

Also a kind of flower.
I went to the garden show and saw lots of brown hatters lying in a (flower) bed
it's the man who has is penis in the dude's ass in anal sex
whilst i was being rimmed there was some brown hatter goin in 4 the kill
by lewi_is_aBAAADMAAAN!!! June 06, 2005
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