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When two men (or more) have anal sex and one removes his penis from the other's buttocks and has feces on his penis.
How can I rid myself of this horrid brown crayon before my mom comes home and discovers im a giant fag?
by Chizak November 12, 2004
When, no matter how many times you wipe, you keep getting that single streak of brown.
Jesus! Is there, like, a brown crayon in there?
by Fred Foo August 21, 2007
When one wipes his/her butt after defecating, takes a peak at the toilet paper right after, and the streak or smudge resembles that of a brown crayon on white paper.
I hate Brown crayon, It's always takes more wipes to clean with brown crayon streaks.
by RoryLOL July 01, 2009
when after pooping, you wipe somewhere between 900-1000 times and the poop still appears on the paper as if there were a brown crayon stuffed up your butt hole.
Jesus Christ, my ass is raw from over wiping it must be a brown crayon
by Dutch Oven Your Self October 28, 2013
A term used to describe someone who isn't very smart (as in "not the brightest crayon in the box")
person a: I can't believe Jenn thinks Toronto is the capital of Canada!
person b: I know! She is such a brown crayon
by miss_kitty_infiniti September 17, 2009
when someone needs to take a number 2 and can not hold it.
I need to take a number 2 and if I do not hurry I will have a brown crayon in my pants.
by funnyguy211 February 11, 2010
after to men have dirty anal sex and the ones dick is covered in shit
'erin and g went in the hezze fo da night and one o them came out with a brown crayon'
by Kailey April 21, 2003