Another way of saying Bow chica bow wow
Use brown chicken brown cow in situations were saying bow chica bow wow is not needed
by RvsBcaboose February 17, 2009
Popular Seventies porn riff...Punch line to joke...A company in Denver, CO.
What did the farmer say when he saw two random farm animals getting it on??

"Brown Chicken Brown Cow"
by Risin May 13, 2009
Slang for sex. It sounds like the music used in old porn movies, like "baum-chica-baum-wow"
"After dinner I can't wait to brownchickenbrowncow"
by Karnitas Berger October 11, 2009
What do you get when you cross a Brown Chicken with a Brown Cow?
"Brown Chicka Brown Cow" when said correctly the punch line sounds like a riff of old porn music from like the 70's. That really jazzy repeating background music, just add shag carpeting! Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Listen to the sample and vote this def up!
by Evolkid22 October 18, 2014
A joke using the bow chicka bow wow tone while saying brown chicken brown cow
What do you get when you cross a sexy brown chicken with a sexy brown cow?

Brownchicken browncow
by Soccerphenom94 May 03, 2009
jeeze your hot! :)
breaking the awkward silence.
what do you get when you cross and brown chicken and a brown cow
brown chicken cross' the road and runs into a brown cow and they become conjoined becoming brown chicken brown cow
by brown chicken brown cow master February 02, 2010
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