as in the movie, the brown bunny, someone who loves and leaves in an artistic manner.
where are you now, my brown bunny?
by strawberry February 04, 2005
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When a chick gives you a blowjob, but then stops before you come (à la Chloe Sevigny in the movie "The Brown Bunny").
"Dude, how did things go with Samantha last night?

"It was cool at first, we went back to her place, she started sucking my dick... but then the bitch pulled a brown bunny."

"Damn, that's wack."
by v. gallo August 05, 2006
1) A hard piece of shit that is starting to emerge from between your cheeks before you get to the toilet.

2) A notoriously bad, self indulgent film by Vincent Gallo.
Bob: (Bangs on stall door) "Hurry up! I've got a Brown Bunny here!"
Bill: "OK, OK" (Leaves stall)
Bob: "Thanks!" (Grabs cans of film and rushes in. Seconds later, a flushing sound is heard)
Bob: "Ahhh... That's much better." (Emerges with now empty film cans).
by Al Benedict August 18, 2009

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