When after having sex, the giver will discretely grab the receiver's pants, nonchalantly walk into the bathroom and shit in them, then casually walk away
I cant believe i gave her a brown bag special
by biggerty December 26, 2009
a paper bag with "one night stand" essentials. condoms, lube, etc.
i went to a convenience store and went to the counter and asked for the 'brown bag special' and the lady gave me a dirty look...that whore.
by depraevd January 30, 2004
getting in tha sitiation of gettin down with a girl at a club or somtin and she got a badoonkadoonk and a nice pair of titties but her face looks like she wuz beaten with a ugly base ball bat, well long story short brown bag special is getting a brown paper bag and putting it over a bitches head so that you dont have to see her face while your bangin the dogg shit out of her!!!!
damn fool!!!!!!! that bitches face looks busted as hell, shit she got a badoonkadoonk.........brown bag special
by Kasper March 28, 2004
The paper bag loaded with generic and second hand condoms and spermicide patches that your local Health Department gives you when you apply for birth control options.
"When Puddin was wanting to get down with his old lady, she made get him get a rubber from the brown bag special she got from the VD clinic before he could even think of getting near her."
by C- Note March 22, 2006
the act of shitting in a bag and ringing someones door and slapping them in the face with it profusely and then when the shits everywhere kick them in the stomach and haul ass
LOL look at that loser who just got a brown bag special or we're gunna go to *name*'s house and give them a brown bag special
by sean May 18, 2003
The Brown-Bag Special is when a man sits on the toilet with his partner in his lap. The partner takes a shit and it slides between his legs and against his nut sack, leaving it stained brown, before hitting the water.
She sat on my lap in the bathroom and proceeded to give me a Brown-Bag Special
by Jeremy Harrison April 30, 2006
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