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another way of saying to rough it
if you're out camping someone asks do you wanna sleeping bag you reply nah i'll brown bag it
by FatboyCJ July 29, 2006
1 When having sex with a really ugly girl you put a brown paper bag over her head to cover her ugliness. Often in reference to girls with a butter face
see also: paper bag it
guy 1: Man, she is so ugly...
guy 2: I'd brown bag it.
by Myke D. July 03, 2005
when you cover up beer or alchohol wiht a brown paper bag even thought its even more noticable
guy1:yo wanna go drinking tonite?
guy2:yea where?
guy1: idk lets just brown bag it
by stephh March 03, 2006
to use a disposable, usually paper, bag to carry something. used most commonly by grammar school teachers, where students are going on a trip and should bring their lunch in a disposable container (usually a plastic or paper bag) instead of a metal or plastic lunch boxes
kid: mom, i cant find my lunch box.

mom: there's no time to look, just grab your sandwich and brown bag it.
by Mystic Bacon November 27, 2007
Having sex with someone who has a brown paper bag over their head.
A: Damn, that girl is so ugly. You still going to take her home?
B: Yeah, I'll just have to brown bag it.

by Anti-Climacus October 05, 2006