Strictly, one who engages in a specific type of sibling incest. Usually applied to any contemptible individual or object, regardless of their or its sexual proclivities.

Often shortened to brother, brofo, or bro.

See also sisterfister.
Hey, brother, can you spare a dime?
My mobo is a brofo.
Leave off my bro, man.
by Lucifer B August 16, 2005
Top Definition
A girl who fucks brothers especially her friends brothers. Like a motherfucker but instead a brotherfucker. The girl will usually still be in high school or senior school and her friends brother is usually a few years into their university course.
Man. I can't believe she slept with your brother last night. What a brotherfucker.
by Herb Mo May 28, 2008
a girl who has sex with her boyfriend's brother.
she quickly became known as the brother fucker because she had sex with her boyfriend's brother while her boyfriend was in Iraq.
by faithfully yours June 11, 2009
Two guys who have sex with the same woman.
The fucking is sometimes years apart or in the same fuck session.
There brother fuckers.
by Judge dredd7 November 29, 2011
when a man gets accused of wanting a threesome with a female and her brother and then furthermore is accused of just wanting her brother
girl: so ur a huge cock tease....and u wanna fuck a guy.....
annnd you told my brother you would visit him without me
you are so fucked in the head to do this to me.

man: no i am not a brotherfucker
by stephensharp July 14, 2009
A male who engages in sexual acts with an African American male.
I ain't down wif Duanne, he's a brother fucker.
by DanManCan June 22, 2005
a gay redneck who cant get a date so they have to date their own family
Jethro, ya'll gon dun fucked yer brother,Jed, so ya'lls a brother fucker.
by Rice! September 07, 2004
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