a male person who has many female friends, none of which he has made a move on. this male also will treat his female friends extremely nicely with much care and treats them like his own sister. ultimately, this male believes that acting this way is the key to female vaginal area. but will never obtain in which what is dreamed.
male: hey hilary do you need to me to buy that purse.
female: oh sure. philip do you want me to show you a good time then.
male: ya, lets go to the movies.
female: (sigh) oh philip, you're just like my brother.
male: (excited) oh thank you.
by jacob brownstone September 09, 2007
a MALE (whether naturally or by sex change) who is related to u because he has the same mother and the same father as u.
They can be jerks or pals, mine is a jerk
My brother is not as smart as me.
by Lord Nword February 27, 2003
someone with who you share similar ethnic or cultural heritage (as long as you're not a wasp)
izaak: you think zach is a brother?
israel: are you kidding me... his surname is goldstein!
by izaakvk August 03, 2007
Excuse me...you added an extra letter. Yeah, the R shouldn't be there...it's BOTHER...haha. An annoying younger sibling male born to drive others crazy...
My BrOTHER is a little tard that has no life...
by WOOT! July 13, 2003
members of a particular racial or ethnic group especially African-Americans
All the brothers are getting together for a party Friday night
by 20hrtz July 27, 2016
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