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Two B double drivers passing in the middle of the night on the Biggest island in the world.
"B Double semi 2 trailers linked together, Awww sorry USA.
Australia runs the biggest road trucks in the world, not you.
Channel 27/40 uhf midnight between Brisbane/ Sydney/ Melbourne/ Adelaide/ Perth/ Darwin and all points in between.
"Hey Brother Trucker long time no see."
" Whats that European crap you driving there Dogsbody, did somebody leave the keys in it?"
"Hey it pulls the full 90 tonnes, not like that septic tank rubbish your driving I mean yanks only pull 1 trailer"
" Hows the cook and the nippers?"
"they good mate, and yours?"
"Yeah they cool"
"Your starting to breaking up like a leper on a Pogo stick, There's a Grub in the scrub near Tabbie Mobile 2, shooting north"
"Thanks mate, nothing your way till after the stinking shitty"
"Thanks Brother Trucker see you on the turn around"
by Mean old bastard August 21, 2017
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