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Refers to a 'white' female who only dates black men.
She is fine but i heards she's a brother lover.
by Chris the whiteman June 24, 2007
When two close female friends engage in sexual activity with one another's brothers. This occurs either out of genuine attraction to the friend's brother, or because the females are seeking revenge on one another, or from a quasi-lesbian desire to be with someone who resembles their best friend.
Susie made out with Denise's little brother on the party bus. Hard. Now, to get revenge, Denise is going to blow Susie's hot older brother in a Denny's parking lot.

They are now officially brother lovers.
by djleej September 04, 2012
A brother who fancies his own brother and often likes to put spy cameras where they know they will be naked or defecating.
He also likes to collect his brother and his girlfriends used condoms for their own purposes.
These individuals need locking up but may sneak a naked picture of their brother with them into jail, they must be cavity searched! although they imagine its their brother.
Dean: Where has my used condoms gone?
Mitch: I dont know *The brother lover Shoves condoms in his pocket*
by Azza310 May 07, 2006
A male's male best friend whereby if either was female they would be intimate lovers.
Christian: This is Julien. He's my best mate. Check out his sexy ass.

Julien: Thanks Christian. You'll always be my brotherlover.
by Ed... November 02, 2010
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