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house of prostitution
hey u wana go to the terminal ave. brothel?
by yomama June 04, 2003
a whore house. a place where prostitutes work.
you dont have to go pick one up on the street! just go to the brothel!
by bug ladie March 16, 2006
Where I met your mother.
I went to the brothel today. Your mother was waiting for me.
by XxXLeeOwnsXxX September 16, 2008
noun: A place where large groups of Bros congregate
While standing across the street, I noticed that there were a ton of bros standing in front of my favorite pub, thus transforming it into a bro-thel
by SwampgutsatAugsburg March 26, 2009
A house full of psychedelic, fine-ass moving and shaking and magic making ladies who throw a halloween party for the ages complete with boobs.
Yo. Are you going to that party at the brothel? I hear it's gonna be ill son.
by laurasia88 October 30, 2010
A place for hoes and sluts and stuff :)
Tarnpreet works in the brothels
by Palmer09 May 08, 2009
Where paying for sex is a short term transaction rather than a long term soul-consuming commitment.
John: Let's go to the brothel I got my first pay check!

Oliver: I'm your dad son; this is not okay!
by nomanito May 20, 2016
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