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the small area below the belly button but above the pubic thatch that is neither belly nor crotch but could be considered either or both.
Chrissy :"hey Becky.... does this tattoo of cherries on my brotch make me look like a whore?"

Becky: "yes"
by Jackie Rabbit January 07, 2011
The male equivalent of bitch. A combination of bro and bitch. Can be either derogatory or a term of endearment depending on context.
1) What the fuck's up now BROTCH?

2) Hey brotch toss me a beer.
by durtysoufcraka January 17, 2010
The area between your Butt and your cROTCH.
I have a rash on my brotch that won't got away. Should I see a doctor or just sprinkle baby powder on it?
by Superscope March 01, 2008
Someone with brown pubic hair!
EXAMPLE--Miley Cyrus is a stupid teen brotch!
by CLANK106 March 09, 2010
black pubic hair in the crotch region.
He is such a freakin brotch.
by xXx me xXx May 16, 2006